About Us

 Sylvian Lorber

Hey There! My name is Sylvian Lorber. I'm a DJ and fitness enthusiast living in the United States. I created Bigger Dreamz after I was inspired by the song "Dream Bigger" by Axwell Λ Ingrosso. The song made me search deep within to figure out what drives me every day.

As I grew up I was always respectful, helpful and eager to learn. My abilities to complete tasks for which I had no experience with always seemed to impress my family. They said I was talented but I knew better. I wasn't talented. I was determined to prove myself and was willing to try to be successful - whatever the situation was. I always wanted to please my mom and she made me feel like I could do anything. She gave me the sense that some day I would do great things. I loved this feeling and because of this I always held high standards for myself and my work.

This work ethic got me noticed by many people in my life. At some point I realized I had culminated a lot of skills and still was very determined but the bigger, brighter future I had always hoped for hadn't come yet. There was a problem and it was within me. I was assuming that I would achieve the life of my dreams just by working hard and doing the right things. That took me far but not in the direction I needed to be. This was because a key piece was missing; I hadn't really considered what would make me happy and give me satisfaction in life. I had been working blindly - doing what I thought you were supposed to do. Day in, day out. You can only get so far like that. I began to feel like a rat on a wheel - just trying to earn a living in order to survive and pay the bills. Eventually I was dragged down internally by the lack of personal accomplishments and recognition. I finally realized that I needed to focus time on the things that would make my heart happy.

So I started to think in terms of "I'm working on Bigger Dreams" in order to steer my life towards the goals that my heart desires. You're with me on this journey now and I hope I can profoundly help you as I've helped myself. It's the hopes for a bigger, better, brighter future that drives me and I know it can drive you too. We're on the right road to happiness now but it takes determination and focus to get there.

I created the Bigger Dreamz logo because I believed wearing it and seeing it in the mirror at the gym would continuously reinforce the positive direction that I was moving in. 


My formula for self improvement is as follows:
Improve health through diet and exercise. Begin seeing yourself in a new light. With new born confidence start realizing that the steps you are taking every day are likely not what you envisioned you would be doing. With this confidence in place you can start focusing and creating a future plan that would make you happy.  Apply your values and consider the feasibility. You create goals and begin practicing - all while continuously improving everything from your health forward. Once you achieve your skills you begin networking and selling yourself to the crowd that will help move you to the next level. 

Essentially, that is it. It's not very hard to do but you must take your first step in order to complete the last one.


Sylvian Lorber